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Welcome to Pierre Rod - Finest Handwoven Cane Furniture & Wicker Furniture

Welcome to Pierre Rod, home of the finest custom/bespoke handwoven cane furniture, wicker furniture & rattan furniture. Pierre Rod offers the best custom handwoven cane furniture & wicker furniture for any sorroundings. As one of the leading cane furniture and wicker furniture suppliers we boast with one of the biggest cane furniture & wicker furniture offerings. The range of cane furniture & wicker furniture we supply include but not limited to bedroom cane furniture/wicker furniture, living room cane furniture/wicker furniture, kid's cane furniture/wicker furniture & handwoven baskets. Our cane furniture & wicker furniture is of the very best quality and is not mass produced or found in replicas from Asia. We are also suppliers of the finest handwoven baskets for any settings these include flower baskets, laundy baskets and many other types of handwoven furniture. The cane furniture & wicker furniture we provide comes in eight different color paintings from bright contemporary modern feel to traditional plain cane furniture & wicker furniture colors. Cushions, Softs & Fabrics for our cane furniture & wicker furniture basings are optional there is a wide variety of choices to chose from. Other clients prefer to buy their cane & wicker furniture as bases then have their local tailors custom make cushions, softs & fabrics that best suit their need.

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Pierre Rod - Cane Furniture, Wicker Furniture & Rattan Furniture Melbourne, Sydney, Australia

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